About Mitchel Kiefer

“Mitchel was special to me, while in Europe he called us and told us he found out his new thing was to be a trick bike rider! When we went to visit he then showed us his new trick “riding with no hands” he was so funny and cute as he would let go and quickly grab the handlebars! He was so sweet he thought that was the greatest thing! I could go on forever remembering all the wonderful ways he was special to me there will never be another Mitchie in my life!!”

Betty Lubar

“Mitchel started selling Cutco cutlery with us in the summer of 2016. The first time I heard his name was because he was selling in my neighborhood and he posted something on Facebook about everybody not owning Cutco yet!! I first met him in person on stage at our biggest conference of the year. He was humble and unassuming. It turns out he broke our all time record selling over $50,000 worth of Cutco in 21 days. AMAZING!! His humility continued as everyone applauded and screamed. He was an IMPRESSIVE young man. He will be missed dearly.”

Jeff Bry