Our Goals

The Kiefer Foundation focuses on three pillars to support its mission: Awareness, Policy, and Technology. Within each of these pillars are specific goals we hope to achieve and initiatives in which we hope to get involved. We’ve already made some progress, but we still have a long way to go.


  • Cable barrier installation (Phase 1) on I-96
  • Pursue Mitchel Kiefer Memorial Highway to bring awareness to cable barriers
  • Contract and message through various methods and media outlets
  • Execute I-96 billboard messages at I-96 and Dietz/I-96 and Hagadorn
  • Execute a national campaign for distracted driving through various partners
(NFL/NASCAR) and a social media campaign
  • Pursue Youth Board to raise awareness among early drivers
  • Host public events and partner with media outlets
  • Charity hockey/Swing for Safe Driving golf event with Detroit/auto leaders
  • WDIV Detroit partnership (to spread message through news reports)
  • Mitchel Kiefer ’16 CC Scholarship Fund


  • Continue to foster relationships with entities and organizations on a regional and national scale
  • MDOT: Cable barrier installation and distraction-free policies
  • PEERS: Partner on Augmented Reality distracted driving simulator and events
  • NFL, NHL, NASCAR, USA Hockey: Pursue national distracted driving campaign
  • WDIV Detroit: Partner to bring awareness to distracted driving
  • Partner with We Save Lives, Fathers Against Distracted Driving, and MADD Brakes
  • Cooperate with organizations to maximize message and reach


  • Support the advancement and implementation of technology to end distracted driving
  • Cable barrier installation (Phase 2) on I-96
  • PEERS: 2nd generation Augmented Reality simulator
  • Pursue technology partnerships with universities
  • Work with automotive partners to develop distracted driving applications
  • Promote the use of distraction reducing automotive technology
(i.e. Apple Car/Android Auto)
  • Detroit Cristo Rey computer lab donation