Class of 2020: How Will YOU Change the World?

Mitchel Kiefer

How Will YOU Change the World?

If you are a graduating member of the Class of 2020, we want to hear how you plan to change the world.

Video guidelines:

  • Record your video in horizontal/landscape mode!
  • Wear a graduation cap!
  • and say the following: “I’m gonna change the world by ______________” and fill in the blank with less than 10 words. Please read the full statement!
  • Please conclude with the following statement: “Let’s change the world together!”

Submit Your Video by June 1!

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Why is The Kiefer Foundation making this video?

The senior class of 2020 has lost a lot due to Covid-19. No prom, graduation ceremony, spring break, final memories with friends. These are rites of passage when moving into adulthood.

We have come to know the Class of 2020 as a resilient group with fire and passion to change the world. What better way to light a fire under the movement of distracted driving than to showcase the big things the Class of 2020 is looking to accomplish?

Just like Mitchel, these kids want to make a difference.

Mitchel Kiefer
Mitchel Kiefer

All it takes is resolve to change and distracted driving can be a thing of the past. We rely on young people like the Class of 2020 to lead that movement.

With this video, we want to celebrate the hopes and dreams of the Class of 2020 while continuing to draw attention to the epidemic that is distracted driving.

We look forward to all of your video submissions and creating a moving piece to help change the world!

– The Kiefer Foundation

Mitchel Kiefer planned to change the world.

Then his life was cut short when he was rear-ended by a distracted driver while returning to Michigan State University on Sept. 19, 2016. Now, as a way to get our Class of 2020 involved in our mission to end distracted driving, The Kiefer Foundation wants to hear how YOU plan to change the world.

We are putting the best submissions into a 1-minute video to spread as much awareness around distracted driving as we can.

To be a part of our project, submit your video using the form above.

Mitchel Kiefer
Mitchel Kiefer on the day of his high school graduation ceremony from Detroit Catholic Central.

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